Ferrari Logo on Motorola Z8

Ferrari Logo on Motorola Z8

Ferrari Logo on Motorola Z8

The Motorola Z8 Ferrari limited edition comes with two pre-loaded Ferrari videos. Specs are still the same except for the red and black color layout and a Ferrari logo.

The famous symbol of the Ferrari race team is a black prancing stallion on a yellow shield, usually with the letters S F (for Scuderia Ferrari), with three stripes of green, white and red (the Italian national colors) at the top. The road cars have a rectangular badge on the hood (see picture above) and this race logo on the side.

Ferrari Logo on Motorola Z8 by: uyanik

Ferrari-Logo von ehemaligem Kampfpiloten inspiriert. Der Pilot malte das Pferd auf seinen Flieger als Glücksbringer und als Andenken an seine Zeit im Kavallerieregiment Piemonte Cavalleriam, wie Ferrari Text Logo 1920x1080 HD png. The Ferrari logo uses a handwritten custom typeface. The Ferrari logo is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most popular car logos ever gned. The Ferrari logo The history of 's . 's famous rampant stalli can be traced as far back as 1692. In was in this year that Vittorio Amadeo II, Duke of Savoy, founded the Royal Piedmt Regiment, e Tags: ferrari, logo, history, evolution, Offizielle Ferrari-Website - Alle offiziellen Inhalte des Autoherstellers aus Maranello: Alle Wagen im Sortiment und die großen historischen Modelle, die offiziellen -Händler, der line-Store und die sportlichen Aktivitäten der Marke, die seit 1947 ein weltweiter Botschafter Meaning and History. The horse was initially the sign of the famous Count Francesco Baracca. He was a legendary professial of the air force of Italy at the World War I, who depicted

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