Blu-ray or HD DVD – what to choose

As Warner Brothers will publish its high-definition DVDs exclusively on Blu-ray it will be hard for the HD DVD format to argue for its high-definition DVD solution.

On the HD DVD side we have Paramount Pictures and Universal Pictures as well as DreamWorks Animation.

Sony’s Blu-ray now has Walt Disney, 20th Century Fox, MGM, Lionsgate and Warner in it’s team.

HD DVD-R and HD DVD-RW have a single-layer capacity of 15 GB, a dual-layer capacity of 30 GB and HD DVD-RAM has a single-layer capacity of 20 GB.

A single layer Blu-ray Disc can store 25 GB and a dual layer Blu-ray Disc up to 50 GB.

Both formats, HD DVD and Blu-ray, are using a ‘blue’ laser at a wavelength of 405 nm to read and write data.

StudioCanal veröffentlicht die "25th Anniversary Edition" von "Cliffhanger" am 04.04.2019 mit einer überarbeiteten deutschen Tonfassung noch einmal auf Blu-ray Disc, Ultra HD Blu-ray und DVD. Ultra HD Blu-ray Neuerscheinungen - Ultra HD Blu-ray Filme bald im Handel - Neuverffentlichungen BD Restposten! Amazon.de bietet derzeit eine durchaus interessante Auswahl an verschiedenen Restposten an mit diversen Titeln die teilweise schon für unter Euro 4,00zu haben sind. Tags: reviews, blurayreviews, high, definition, Blu-ray. - Blu-ray FAQ 2.5 Will replace VCRs? Yes, as VCRs don't suppt recding of video consumers that want recd in will need upgrade their video recders. This article may require cleanup meet Wikipedia's quality standards. The specific problem is: Move infmation about Ultra its own page.

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