Twisted PageGetter – block or not

I found a Bot identifying itself as Twisted PageGetter in the access log of my site.

After I googled for it I found on Matt’s Blog that he suggests to block this Bot with an htaccess entry.

This is working quite well, I tried it.

But: I am using Spotplex as a counter and wondered why they were not able to update my feed and get my latest posts.

Spotplex about Spotplex: …provides internet users with real-time ranking of blog articles based on actual impression count….

So I removed the 403 Forbidden Error code for Twisted PageGetter from my .htaccess file and within some minutes my latest posts showed up on Spotplex.

For now I decided to let them take my feed as they bring back readers to my site too.

If you feel you have to block this Bot try the code from Matt’s Blog, it will do it.

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  1. Thanks for the link.

    So this bot is for SpotPlex, odd. I actually stopped the blocking awhile back, because I started using FeedBurner and the rule blocking Twisted PageGetter was underneath the rules to redirect feeds to FeedBurner, so the bot just got redirected.

    I have an email in to SpotPlex to confirm this.

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