Asteroid 2007 TU24 making its approach

Asteroid 2007 TU24 will be making its closest approach within 1.4 lunar distances, or 538,000 kilometers of Earth on Jan. 29 at 12:33 a.m. Pacific time.

Asteroid 2007 TU24 is somewhat asymmetrical in shape, with a diameter roughly 250 meters (800 feet) in size.

Scientists at NASA’s Near-Earth Object Program Office at JPL have determined that there is no possibility of an impact with Earth in the foreseeable future.

This Asteroid was discovered by the NASA-sponsored Catalina Sky Survey on Oct. 11, 2007 and there is no possibility of an impact with Earth in the foreseeable future.

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A geologia de eventos de impacto terrestres. A Terra passou por períodos de mudanças abruptas e catastróficas, alguns devido ao impacto de grandes asteroides e etas no planeta. NOTE Finish these pages Asteroids_and_ets_01.html Meteor_Willamette_Meteorite.html Meteor_Fall_001.html. Asteroids: Asteroid 2007 TU24 - January 29, 2008 This is my last post for the Bad Astronomy Blog on Discover Magazine. As of today – Monday, November 12, 2012 – the blog has a new home at Slate magazine. Tags: astronomy, astronomy, The Skeptics' Guide to the The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe is produced by SGU Productions, LLC – dedicated to promoting critical thinking, reason, and the public understanding of science through online and other media. Boom! Goes the dynamite. On July 9, 1962, the US launched a Thor missile from Johnston island, an atoll about 1500 kilometers (900 miles) southwest of Hawaii.

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