WordPress 2.3.2 Upgrade Package to 2.3.3

I wonder why there is no simple package to update WordPress from 2.3.2 to 2.3.3 on WordPress.org

On the German website of WordPress you can find a zip-File containing just the 5 files you need to switch from 232 to 233.

Included in this urgent security release is of course fixed version of xmlrpc.php.

Link to the download: Upgradepaket für 2.3.2 auf 2.3.3. This upgrade is working for all languages and much easier to apply, just replace these files on your server.

It’s easy to do, easier than getting the entire release and uploading all files!

Let be reminded: Just in case something goes wrong, make sure you have a backup.

So why is this small upgrade package only on the German WordPress site?

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