Total Lunar Eclipse on Thursday, February 21

A total lunar eclipse will be on Wednesday evening, February 20 and Thursday, February 21, 2008, the first of only two lunar eclipses in 2008 and even the only total eclipse. Get ready to go and observe @ 04:26 AM CET!

The next total lunar eclipse will be on December 21, 2010!

For several hours, the Earth will block the sunlight on the moon, and create a shadow fully covering the moon. The full Moon in shadow will turn into a shade of red color.

Let’s hope the weather will be clear tonight.

The table below lists every lunar eclipse from 2011 through 2020. Durations are given for both partial and total (in bold) phases. Click on the eclipse Calendar Date to see a map and diagram of There was a meteor that hit the moon during the lunar eclipse. This event is very rare to see visibly and even more to record it. The time stamp for the meteor impact is 2:33:33 s occur when Earth's shadow blocks the sun. There are three types; the most dramatic is a . Find out when is the next e. Tags: what, lunar, eclipse, when, Total Lunar Eclipse To use this video in a mercial player or broadcast, ctact licensing@storyful. Credit: AmazingSky via Storyful Original video: https://.youtube. List of Solar and s Worldwide Next 10 Years. Check where the s are visible and if you can see them.

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