Total Lunar Eclipse on Thursday, February 21

A total lunar eclipse will be on Wednesday evening, February 20 and Thursday, February 21, 2008, the first of only two lunar eclipses in 2008 and even the only total eclipse. Get ready to go and observe @ 04:26 AM CET!

The next total lunar eclipse will be on December 21, 2010!

For several hours, the Earth will block the sunlight on the moon, and create a shadow fully covering the moon. The full Moon in shadow will turn into a shade of red color.

Let’s hope the weather will be clear tonight.

A total lunar eclipse took place between September 27 and 28, 2015. It was seen on Sunday evening, September 27, in the Americas; while in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, it was seen in Event Features. Numerus telescopes will be available on the lawn for public viewing. The Zeiss telescope will be closed to enable our livestream broadcast. Wednesday night is the last chance to view a before 2010. Tags: total, lunar, eclipse, tonight, Facts: Jan 20/21, 2019 Total Watch it unfold LIVE. Taking pictures? Share them with us! 1. First of 2019. This will be the first and ly of 2019. The mo will appear larger, brighter and reddish-orange when a occurs during a blue mo and a so-called supermo.

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