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You Me At Six Lyrics:

  • Gossip
  • Noises / Noise
  • You’ve Made Your Bed
  • The Rumour
  • Save It For The Bedroom

Gossip Lyrics

Woah woah oh woah.

Lets get to the point, the words that fell of your lips, didn’t mean anything; they didn’t mean shit, to you or me.

But tonight, but tonight, we will make it right; oh the champagne is on ice for you and I.

You’ve been looking at me like you’ve got something to say
You got flaws in your step, so you’re miles away from anything a-a-a-anyway.

And oh right and oh right, we are not alright, but this gossip we’ve got, this gossip keeps us alive. So let’s just keep on talking.I smell your scent on my skin and the clothes that I wear, it’s a thought in my head and I can’t shake it, of you and him. Sh-sh-sh-hake it
I am at the party too, I am in the room next to you, with your ear to the door and your back on the floor, and you look desperate.

So don’t let me down.

Noises / Noise Lyrics

Where do you get off, making noises
Where do you get this from, breaking boys in two
Lets take this to the bedroom so I can undress you
Ask you are you ready, arent you ready , am i?
Even if it hurts you, even if it breaks me
We wont let this friendship sink.
Where do you get off you left me shaking.
Well here iam out of the way
Hold his hand , and make me hate.
How can you trust him to fit the shape of everything.
Everything looks so good , good from here , good to me.
Even if this hurts you even if it breaks me.
We wont let this friendship sink.
Even if you choose
No we wont loose it all.
Even if we are black and bruised.
Say sorry ill go first , she will , learn the art of xxx
save your words for war and she’ll save hers for you

You’ve Made Your Bed Lyrics

I’m so glad that your lipsticks on, back seat of your best friends car, well we were onto something here.
Oh no wait you will call it off and space is on the cards, who’d drink to that, i wont drink to that.
Oh Overhill will you teach me the games that you play so well and i’ll drink to that, who’ll drink to that?
You’ve made your bed, so sleep in it, and never call me again.
You’ve made your bed, so sleep with him, but know i’m the best you’ll get.

I wrote this song so you would know. Why i look up to everyone.

Here’s a list of the things you said and i wont get over it, you want to know, you, want to know and.
The games that girls will play, makes me move away so i can train, train myself to trust again.
Oh Overhill will you teach me the games you play so well and, i’ll drink to that, who’ll drink to that?

Are you on or off?

These words will convince you to never sleep with me again, you want to be friends, i can’t do it.

These words will convince you to love again, you want to be friends, i wont do it.

The Rumour Lyrics

Well Iam the cancer running through your veins
Iam the sweat dripping down the side of your face
Iam the pain in the back of your legs, it makes you fall to you knees it makes you believe
And Iam the headline, that’s going to make front page news
Iam that fashion you’re all into.
We had to try something different
We had to do something new
We had to make some heads turn
We had to put this to you
Iam the rumour on everyones lips
Iam the curse on your girlfriends hips.
We are the different so we’ll make a start
Tell all your friends, oh sound the alarm.
Iam that feeling , that you’ve done something wrong.
Iam that friend , who knew all along.
We say we have our best friends yet we stab them in the back.
We try to show some love and , it’s a skill that we lack.
Ive had it with this crowd and iam done with this town.
Ive had enough of these shows , its over with you now.

Hold your hands in, into the air
Hold your hands up as if you care

Oh hold on

Behind your back they talk about you all the time
Behind your back they spread some shit and some lies

Save it for the bedroom

Keep your hands to yourself, these lips belong to someone else.
And you know that you, you’ll never get one in.
Keep your lies to yourself, every lie I heard it from someone else.
And you know that you will never get with this.
I soused you good, you knew I would.
Oh haven’t you heard, you’re just a mark on my shirt.
Another night and another girl.
Well I taste so good, you knew I would.

So who’s keeping score,
On who is a whore.
With you by my side,
That look in your eye.
I hope you know.

Go home and wash your jeans, ’cause there’s dirt on the knees,
Je jealously doesn’t sit with me.
You love, I love you too,
Below the waist I’ll start charging you.
‘Cause that’s just how players play the game.
And my winning streak, is missing.

Chorus x 2
So who’s keeping score,
On who is a whore.
With you by my side,
That look your eye.
I hope you know.

You whore.

Save it for,
Save it for the bedroom

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