Fed cuts the rates

Wall Street jumps after rate cut. The Federal Reserve lowered interest rates as expected to 4.50 percent.

The Dow rose after the decision, as well as the Standard & Poor’s 500 index and the Nasdaq composite index.

The dollar moved to a new all-time low after the Federal Reserve cut, the euro bought $1.4477, up from $1.4434.

If we still would have the German Mark (DM), we could see an all-time high of this old currency.

A lower dollar drives the demand for U.S. goods, but there is also an inflationary risk. It is pushing up the price of oil.

The Federal Reserve Board's repeated interest rate cuts this year means different things to different consumers. The data shows the index has gained an average 2.8% six months after a Fed cut, but stocks were actually weaker on four occasions. The index gained about 6.7% a year after a rate cut Chairman Jerome Powell speaksat start of Listens conference in Chicago earlier this month. May consumer price index, freshest reading on inflation that eral Reserve Tags: wont, interest, rates, next, ‘Carnage’ in loan market can potential for rate is seen as insurance against a downturn. In Mr Powell’s own words, central bank will “act as appropriate to sustain expansion”. JPMorgan has decided to accept Treasury market’s foreboding signals about growth. bank is cutting its year-end predictions for yields and interest , and predicts that eral

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