Tom Brady got a boy

The actress Bridget Moynahan gave birth to a boy in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

The happy father is Tom Brady, but they split up late last year…

She gave birth to a baby boy, John Edward Thomas Moynahan. at Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica on August 22, 2007. Moynahan introduced her son to the world in an OK! Magazine photo spread. In a July 2008 interview in Harper’s Bazaar, Moynahan discussed her willingness to raise her son (nicknamed “Jack”) as a single mother. She has also stated that she “watches TV constantly and can’t get my eyes off the screen at times.”

victorj.bravo Hahaha I know I'm late af, but this post is so clever/petty😂😂 I remember watching that play thinking, this is definitely the end of Tom Brady. Brady has fewer mistakes at critical moments in the playoffs, and Brady has faced a smaller drop off against top-ten defense than Manning has, and if you remove the “top ten” and only include “passes is n mericn footbller who plys s qurterbck for the New Englnd Ptriots of the Ntionl Footbll Legue (NFL). He is the only qurterbck to win five Super Bowls nd the only Tags: brady, biography, affair, married, Tom Brady Chugs A Beer 'The TB12 Method' uthor gives in to Colbert's ribbing nd ets strwberry for the first time in his life, then wshes it down with (full) cold beer. Thoms Edwrd Ptrick „“ , Jr. (* 3. ugust 1977 in Sn Mteo, Klifornien) ist ein US-meriknischer mericn-Footbll-Spieler uf der Position des Qurterbcks. Er spielt für die New Englnd Ptriots in der Ntionl Footbll Legue

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