Be prepared for the unexpected

Be prepared for the unexpected

Be prepared for the unexpected

This is GREAT!

Reminds me of a questionnaire in response to a project proposal and request for funding. Can’t remember the details of what the project was about or where I heard about it, but one of the questions was:

What unforeseen circumstances can you foresee?

Be prepared for the worst, you can’t be too careful, ensure your family is protected with supplemental life insurance 😉

Be prepared "Be Prepared" is one of the five songs written for The Lion King. It was written by lyricist Tim Rice and poser Elton John. The song is performed by the voice actors for Scar, Jeremy "Be Prepared" is a song written by Elton John and Tim Rice (music and lyrics, respectively) for the Disney animated feature film The Lion King (1994).


  1. Good post, thanks. Can you tell us about the third paragraph more?

  2. Wow… I bad better watch out. This is standard exercise at used furniture auctions.

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