Airbus 340-600 engine tests accident

Ten people were injured on Thursday when an Airbus 340-600 slammed (not really an ‘airbus crash‘) into a wall during engine tests on the ground at Toulouse-Blagnac airport, the planemaker and government officials said.

Just hours previous to the airplane’s formal delivery to Etihad Airways, the plane pushed itself up a sloped concrete wall, suffering intense hull damage.

The four-engine plane, had been undergoing engine tests outside Toulouse, the southwestern French city where the plane-making consortium is based. Nine people on board and a person on the ground were injured, three of them seriously, Airbus and government officials said.

Earlier incident: on 2 August 2005 Air France Flight 358, all 297 passengers and 12 crew survived a crash and fire after their A340-300 overshot runway 24L at Toronto Pearson International Airport in a thunderstorm. The aircraft slid into Etobicoke Creek and broke up. Forty-three were injured, 1 seriously, some passengers jumped nearly 20 ft (6 m) to the ground.

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