Unraveling potato genome paves way for new varieties

Quoted from ScienceDaily: Top News:
The potato, the world’s third most popular food, has been genetically unraveled. Researchers from the international Potato Genome Sequencing Consortium in 14 countries have mapped the potato’s hundreds of millions of building blocks.

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By decoding the humble potato's genome, scientists aim to create pest-resistant spuds. Assembly of polyploid plant genomes has been technically challenging. Now, a study presents a half haplotype-resolved hexaploid genome of sweet potato, Ipomoea batatas, using a novel haplotyping Our research bined skimming and target DNA capture to sequence whole chloroplasts and 605 single-copy nuclear regions from 199 specimens representing the sweet and all of its crop Tags: unraveling, hexaploid, sweetpotato, inheritance, Genome sequence and analysis of The of the (Solanum tuberosum L.), a staple crop vital to food security, has been sequenced. The Sequencing Consortium sequenced a homozygous doubled-monoploid research has been effectively supported by tomato inmation due to the high synteny between their s and their close molecular evolutionary relationship (Bonierbale et al. 1988).

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