Got Controversy? Milk Ad Helps Men Deal with PMS

Quoted from Yahoo! Buzz Log:
by Claudine Zap
The true sufferers of premenstrual syndrome? Men, if an ad campaign from the California Milk Processor Board is to be believed. But help is on the way: The dairy group has a new marketing strategy
that slyly suggests men should buy milk for women to alleviate those monthly symptoms that males fear. And it’s just the
latest campaign from the milk industry to make waves. The newest marketing campaign includes billboards, a website, and radio ads that advise men on how to deal with their hormonally challenged wives and girlfriends.¬†One ad shows a man holding a gallon of […]

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There is a good deal of controversy in dairy products today. In this episode, we take a close look at the science. This episode features audio from Does Paratuberculosis in Milk Trigger Type 1 Diabetes?, Obesity and diabetes show that better standards in the food industry must be enforced, writes Mike Muller, author of the 1974 baby milk scandal report Some candy names are pretty straightforward (we love you, SweeTARTS), while others are a bit more obscure. Here, we unwrap the name origins of a few delicious favorites. 1. DUDS In 1926, F Tags: famous, candy, brands, their, Raw Milk In The News April 29, 2010. MDAR To Shut Down Raw Dairy Clubs. Boston, Mass.- – The Massachusetts Departt of Agricultural Resources will hold a hearing on Monday, May 10 at 10 am at 100 Cambridge St, Conference What Is Tofu? People often wonder what is tofu me of? It makes perfect sense why tofu is often called bean curd since it’s me by curdling soy (from soybeans) and then pressing the

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