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Tom Ford. Extravagant, with the re to express something new and different. These are the characteristics of the Tom Ford eyewear collection, that expresses the glamourous style that the American fashion-stylist has been known for. TOM FORD. Tom Ford bringt den Luxus in das 21.Jahrhundert, indem er seine Mode durch Dekadenz und Sinnlichkeit präsentiert; zuerst bei Yves Saint Laurent, dann bei Gucci und schließlich mit seinem eigenen Label, das er e in a wide variety of shapes: aviators, cat-eye, geometric, rectangle, round, shield, short coats, and square. But your biggest decision might be what color you want – because this luxury brand Tags: best, ford, sunglasses, 2019, Tom Ford Sunglasses for Women World-renowned gner has created a true luxury brand for the 21st century. His collections cater to women and men who seek the ultimate in style, sophistication and exclusivity. GNER for MEN and WOMEN . You’ve heard that the eyes are the windows to our souls? are the shades we pull on to protect them, and to project our chosen

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