Swarms of locusts use social networking to communicate

Quoted from ScienceDaily: Top News:
Social studies of Facebook and Twitter have been adapted to gain a greater understanding of the swarming behavior of locusts. The enormous success of social networking sites has vividly illustrated the importance of networking for humans; however for some animals, keeping informed about others of their kind is even more important.

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Any swarms that form which are not controlled in the interior of Saudi ia could move to Sudan and Yemen and, perhaps, to Oman and Iran (click on map to enlarge). Swarm definition is - a great number of honeybees emigrating together from a hive in pany with a queen to start a new colony elsewhere. How to use swarm in a sentence. When food and climatic conditions are favourable, huge may develop. The first recorded swarm was in 1844, with further outbreaks from the 1870s onward. Tags: australian, plague, locust, wikipedia, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about The Desert Locust is one about a dozen species short-horned grasshoppers (Acridoidea) that are known change their behavior and form adults or bands hoppers (wingless nymphs). sometimes gather in big groups, or . A swarm can stretch over 400 square miles in size and include billions the hungry insects.

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