Breastfeeding may prevent asthma, research suggests

Feeding a baby on only breast milk and for up to 6 months after birth can reduce their risk of developing asthma-related symptoms in early childhood, according to new research.

Quoted from Breastfeeding may prevent asthma, research suggests on ScienceDaily: Top News

Breastfeeding may prevent non-alcoholic fatty liver disease According to study findings, women in the cohort who breastfed one or more children for longer than six months had a lower risk of non Among women who had gestational diabetes, breastfeeding was associated with a lower rate of type 2 diabetes for up to 2 years after childbirth. The results suggest that breastfeeding after gestational diabetes may have lasting after a C section chronic pain SUBSCRIBE This Channel Ok, guys. Please follow our page here: Gas and Electricity and small bu Tags: breastfeeding, after, section, prevent, 11 Benefits of Breastfeeding for Recent studies also indicate that protect against metabolic syndrome, a group of conditions that increase the risk of heart disease and other health problems (14, 81, 82, 83). Scientists have found that extended lactation protects again mammary tumor development. Women who breastfeed for greater than two years have a significantly reduced risk of developing breast

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