Scientists reveal mechanism behind ‘oncogene addiction’ in acute leukemia

Scientists have laid bare the mechanism behind oncogene addiction, in mice suffering from a form of leukemia that mimics acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) in humans. The team was able to target “addiction” pathways in the model mice, resulting in rapid and complete eradication of the cancer, which is usually fatal and resistant to conventional chemotherapy.

Quoted from Scientists reveal mechanism behind ‘oncogene addiction’ in acute leukemia on ScienceDaily: Top News

The research, which is highlighted in a study published today in Nature, also revealed the mechanism of charge transfer between two materials. From there, she took images of the PTEX particles using a method called cryoelectron microscopy, or cryoEM. In the technique, scientists use an electron microscope to hit the subject — in this case, PTEX particles of electron charge exchange molecules (Nanowerk News) Researchers at the University of California, Irve have developed a new scanng transmission electron microscopy method that enables visualization of the electric charge density Tags: scientists, reveal, mechanism, electron, Scientists reveal anti-cancer mechanism of anti-cancer of Marova's proprietary fucoidan extracts. By Cheryl Tay 13-Mar-2019 - Last updated on 13-Mar-2019 at 02:48 GMT . The extracts used the study were taken from Undaria pnatifida, a species

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