Bear bile chemical could help keep hearts in rhythm

A synthesized compound which is also found in bear bile could help prevent disturbances in the heart’s normal rhythm, according to new research.

Quoted from Bear bile chemical could help keep hearts in rhythm on ScienceDaily: Top News

Animals Asia has weled news that China’s largest bear bile pharmaceutical pany is now pursuing research on synthetic alternatives. KaiBao Pharmaceutical is a cornerstone of the bear bile industry. Chemical analysis of bear bile. Over the years, extensive research has been done in establishing methods to analyze and quantify the total and individual bile acids and their glycine and taurine conjugates in serum [11,12], more like Human respond differently than mouse to two cardiovascular drugs Breastfeedg may prevent asthma, research suggests Tags: bear, bile, chemical, could, 'Bear bile' chemical studied for “ prevent aria heart attack sufferers,” reported the Daily Mail. This headle is based on a laboratory study vestigatg the effects of acid on the electrical signals of foetal heart has been a well-known Chese medice for thousands of years. Because of the endangered species protection, the concept on substitutes for was proposed decades ago. Based on their position and

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