Crop Circle Creation Theory: Physics, Not Aliens

by Claudine Zap
Those otherworldly crop circles may not have been caused by aliens after all. Instead, think physics: A study in Physics World points to the possibility that the patterns could be caused by earth-bound microwaves, lasers, and GPS. Maybe. Formations in fields have been documented more than 10,000 times in the late 20th century. They have been credited to everything from paranormal activity, to human hijinks, to the weather — and in some cases, even wallabies (more on that later). Further fueling the mystery is that the farmland designs are done in secret, usually in the dark — and often by […]

Quoted from Crop Circle Creation Theory: Physics, Not Aliens on Yahoo! Buzz Log

VIDEO footage showing a crop circle forming within seconds as mysterious balls of light swirl above a Wiltshire field has many people convinced the phenomenon is not a hoax after all. THE STAN HERD STORY “I realized in my late 20’s that to create my monumental earthworks, beyond the gn and actual creation of the work, I had to develop skills in public relations, munications, media The massive artwork of O’Rourke — which takes up almost two football fields — was the of Stan Herd of Lawrence, Kansas. Tags: artist, creates, giant, beto, Un nouveau crop circle en Il est intéressant de e que ce est apparu 3 jours avant l’ouverture du Portail du Lion. Chaque année, le Soleil, la Terre et Sirius se trouvent à des points précis du ciel maker Rob Irving takes a look at the phenomenon from a anthropological point of view.

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