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Before embarking on the Superman sequel, Singer openly discussed helming a smaller project going back to the days of thrillers The Usual Suspects and Apt Pupil. In late 2006, screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie presented to Singer a story that took place in World War II, Valkyrie. In the following months, the two collaborated on the project, an original thriller that would be a multi-character ensemble piece. In March 2007, the duo brought the project directly to United Artists partners Paula Wagner and Tom Cruise, who immediately agreed to finance the film. The script is based on the actual events of German generals plotting to assassinate Adolf Hitler during World War II. Singer invited Tom Cruise to take the lead role, which Cruise accepted. Filming began on July 19, 2007 in Berlin.

Superman: Man of Steel

Upon finishing Valkyrie at the end of 2007, Singer was scheduled to jump directly into the upcoming Superman sequel, which was scheduled to begin filming around March 2008. Attending the 2007 Saturn Awards along with Superman Returns writers Michael Dougherty, Dan Harris and producer Gil Adler, Singer confirmed that the story had been locked down, and the first draft would be completed near the end of 2007.

Bryan Singer [ˈ b ɹ a ɪ ə n ˈ s ɪ ŋ ɚ] [1], né le 17 septembre 1965 à New York aux États-Unis, est un scénariste, réalisateur de cinéma et producteur de série Bryan Singer už od svého hraného debutu a vítěze hlavní ceny poroty ze Sundance Public Access soustavně baví diváky , které vynikají odvážným vizuálním stylem a propracovanými postavami. is the subject of a recent article in which four more men accuse the director of having with them when they were underage. They are just the latest in a long line Tags: director, bryan, singer, accused, Missbrauchsvorwürfe gegen Regisseur Bryan Singer In einer monatelang recherchierten Story hat die Zeitschrift „The Atlantic Monthly“ die Missbrauchsvorwürfe von mehr als 50 Personen gegen den Regisseur dargelegt. In an interview conducted before he was hit with -abuse allegations, the "X-Men" director says he's "quite biual" and explains why he doesn't often talk about his ual orientation.

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