Research reveals genetic link to human intelligence

New research provides the first direct biological evidence for a genetic contribution to people’s intelligence. Previous studies on twins and adopted people suggested that there is a substantial genetic contribution to thinking skills, but this new study is the first to find a genetic contribution by testing people’s DNA for genetic variations.

Quoted from Research reveals genetic link to human intelligence on ScienceDaily: Top News

Genetics is a branch of biology concerned with the study of genes, genetic variation, and heredity in organisms. Gregor Mendel, a scientist and Augustinian friar, discovered genetics in the late 19th-century. This genetic ancestry stands apart from more modern Egyptians who share around 8 percent of their DNA with Sub-Saharan African populations. The data offers a fascinating insight into a prolonged Studying differences seldom gets boring. While the origins of differences in behaviour and cognition remain fiercely - and quite rightly - disputed, we don’t sweat quite as much about why Tags: masculine, face, genetic, evidence, NASA twins study reveals space Astronaut Scott Kelly, left, and his identical twin, Mark. The pair were separated for nearly a year test biological consequences of space flight in doubles. Whole-Genome Resequencing of a Worldwide Collection of Rapeseed Accessions the Basis of Ecotype Divergence

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