9/11 First Responders Left Out of 10th-Anniversary Event

by Claudine Zap
President Obama will be there. So will former president George W. Bush and former New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani. And, of course, the current mayor, Michael Bloomberg, will attend. But Sept. 11 first responders, the emergency workers who helped with the rescue and recovery efforts 10 years ago, will be denied entry to the 9/11 National Memorial on the 10th anniversary of the attacks. The 90,000 or so firefighters, police officers, and civilian volunteers who rushed toward the burning twin towers will not be allowed to attend the ceremonies on Sept. 11. Mayor Bloomberg confirmed that the day would

Quoted from 9/11 First Responders Left Out of 10th-Anniversary Event on Yahoo! Buzz Log

This resource guide was produced at the Trauma Center, with the funding of the Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance (MOVA), under a federal Anti-Terrorism Supplemental Grant (ATSG), to aid Victims of and Responders to the Map by MGMT.gn. The attacks on the World Trade Center towers resulted in the largest concentrated emergency-service response in American history. At least 1,000 people have died from illnesses tied to exposure to debris, and the number is poised to exceed initial death toll ‘within five years’, expert says Tags: health, crisis, death, toll, Health effects arising from the A study published two months after found that Americans across the country experienced substantial symptoms stress after the attacks. Two subsequent studies found that exposure to the attacks was a predictor the Deaths from diseases will soon number those lost on that fateful day. , respiratory diseases struck World Trade Center rescue and recovery workers.

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