Thailand election 2007

The Election of Members of the House of Representatives in Thailand 23 December 2007 / Bangkok, Capital of Thailand

92% of votes counted; PPP close to majority

(BangkokPost.com) – People Power party (PPP) continues its lead as 92 per cent of votes have been counted as of Sunday 10pm Thailand time (1500 GMT).

Unofficial results showed PPP wins 228 seats while its rival Democrat party gets 166 seats from a total of 480 seats of both constituency and party-list candidacy.

Chart Thai party wins 39 seats so far while Puea Pandin party gets 26 seats, Ruam Jai Thai Chart Pattana wins 10 seats, Matchimathipataya has 7 seats and Pracharaj has 4 seats.

22:17 Dec 23, 2007

Supporters of Thailand’s exiled former prime minister appear to have won the country’s general election.

Samak said he would allow Thaksin Shinawahtra to return from exile, but said the former leader would have to stand trial on corruption charges.

The Election of Members of the House of Representatives Calender:

  • 16 December 2007
    – The end of oversea voting
    – First day for any eligible voter to notify the cause of failing to vote before the election day (within 7 days before the election day)
  • 23 December 2007
    – Election Day
  • 30 December 2007
    – Last day for any eligible voter to notify the cause of failing to vote on the election day (within 7 days as from the election day)
  • 3 January 2007
    – Last day for the Election Commission to announce the election result in the case where there is evidence conveyed to believe that the election is not proceeded in an honest, free, and fair manner (within 7 working days as from the election day)

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