Simple Tags in WordPress 2.3.x

Simple Tags in WordPress 2.3.x


In WordPress 2.3 you don’t have easy access to your Tags, so I switched from Simple Tagging Plugin to Simple Tags with this new WP Version.

I make it short, to display the Tag Cloud I like to use the ‘if function exists’, so I insert in the Template (mostly in the sidebar) this code:

<?php if (class_exists('SimpleTags')) : ?>
<h3>Keywords - Tags</h3>
<div class="tagcloud">
<?php st_tag_cloud(); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

In Admin View of WordPress under Tags I set the Tagcloud Options like this:

Order tags selection: Random
Order tags display: name-asc
Maximum number of tags… : 80 So I display max 80 of the used Tags sort by Alphabet, randomly choosen
Color and Size you should play a bit..

Now, I think important is the title of the Tag you see at the Cursor. Title should be the tag_name, nothing else…

Advanced usage: &title=&xformat=<a href="%tag_link%" title="%tag_name%" %tag_rel% style="%tag_size% %tag_color%">%tag_name%</a>

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