Satellite Shoot down

The US military says it has successfully hit a crippled spy satellite with a missile.

The dying spy satellite and the kill missile collided at a combined speed of 22,000 mph about 130 miles above Earth’s surface. The collision was confirmed at a space operations center at 10:50 p.m. EST. There is a shoot-down video footage soon, by now we can find only a simulation.

Three minutes after being fired from the US Navy cruiser USS Lake Erie in the Pacific
the three-stage SM-3 missile hit the satellite, on a video clip is to see that there was a fireball.

That would indicate that that’s a hydrazine fire – so the 1,000 pounds of hydrazine, which could have posed a health hazard to humans, are destroyed.

Small pieces of debris from the satellite has started re-entry into the atmosphere and will continue through Thursday and into Friday.

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