Japanese finance minister stepping down

Amid claims that he was drunk at a recent G7 meeting, Japan’s Finance Minister Shoichi Nakagawa has resigned.
He resigned shortly after a shaky performance at a G-7 meeting where participants accused him of being drunk.

“I deeply apologize to the prime minister, the people and members of parliament for the significant trouble I caused,” Nakagawa, 55, told reporters today, according to Bloomberg News.

In addition to the growing financial turmoil gripping Japan, over the past three years the leadership of the country has changed three times, with countless cabinet reshuffles and resignations in between.

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso said on Friday he saw no need now to pile stimulus measures to support the economy. Japan's finance minister admonished his top bureaucrat on Thursday after a magazine reported the official had ually harassed several female journalists, but stopped short of imposing any While this all started with a currency "war," it seems - according to a stunningly candid transcript of Japan's 's conversation with none other than Paul Krugman - that the real endgame here is Tags: japans, finance, minister, accidentally, Former Japanese finance minister Shoichi Shoichi Nakagawa, who resigned as Japan's after he appeared to be drunk at a G7 press conference earlier this year, was found dead at his home in Tokyo this morning.

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