Meet Sudden Star Katie Eastman

by Mike Krumboltz
Most of the time, Katie Eastman reports the news. These days, she is the news. The 22-year-old reporter from Des Moines, Iowa’s WOI-ABC 5 has become an overnight celebrity thanks to Stephen Colbert.
Here’s the story: Eastman’s employer, WOI-ABC 5, had refused to air a political ad from Colbert’s PAC urging Iowa voters to cast their ballots for “Rick Parry” (note the deliberate misspelling). Colbert (or at least his blustery onscreen persona) decided to take it upon himself to mock (in a friendly way) the TV station as well as (in his words) “intrepid cub reporter” Katie Eastman,

Quoted from Meet Sudden Star Katie Eastman on Yahoo! Buzz Log

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