Khapra Beetle Bugs U.S. Border Patrol

by Claudine Zap
As if hurricanes and earthquakes weren’t enough, there’s another menace to worry about: the discovery of one of the world’s “most feared” pests, now on U.S. soil. Meet the Khapra beetle. The bug, in larva stage, was identified by Chicago customs officials in a 10-pound bag of rice that came from India. The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol describes the bug as “one of the world’s most tenacious and destructive stored-produce pests because of its ability to damage grain.” And worse, “Infestations can result in up to 70 percent grain damage, making products inedible and unmarketable.” There’s more.

Quoted from Khapra Beetle Bugs U.S. Border Patrol on Yahoo! Buzz Log

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