NJ lawmakers pass Internet gambling bill

New Jersey legislators gave final approval Tuesday to a bill legalizing gambling over the Internet, sending it to Gov. Chris Christie, who has indicated he will sign it quickly.The state Assembly and Senate …

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Sweeney did not name those lawmakers or disclose their reasons for withholding support, but he called for Murphy to intervene so the Senate can get the 21 necessary votes for the bill to pass. New Jersey lawmakers unlocked several bills that have long been stuck in Trenton, greenlighting everything from subsidies for the state’s nuclear-power industry to mandatory paid sick leave. in New York City and New Jersey are working to s that would require retailers to accept cash, alleging that the growing cashless trend discriminates against low-ine customers. Tags: target, cashless, businesses, alleging, New Jersey lawmakers pass bill The New Jersey legislature ed a Monday that will ban marriage for those under the age of 18 without exception. The state Assembly voted Monday to six s to make New Jersey's already strict gun laws even tougher amid the national outcry for more gun control in the wake of the deadly high school

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