Comcast Renews Platinum-level Commitment to Internet Society

For the sixth consecutive year, Comcast has renewed its commitment to the Internet Society as a Platinum Organization Supporter, providing the highest level of support to the organ

Quoted from Comcast Renews Platinum-level Commitment to Internet Society on internet – Yahoo! News Search Results

cast is considering the launch of a news channel that would draw from the resources of NBC News and Sky News. cast chairman-CEO Brian Roberts dropped that tidbit during his remarks Thursday more like cast profit boosted by internet subscriber growth, NBC cast Renews Platinum-level mitment to Internet Society RIM shares slump as service revenue, subscriber concerns weigh cast, the U.S.’s biggest purveyor of cable television, has laid the groundwork for a future where it’s perfectly happy if you don’t subscribe a TV package. Of course, the cable giant Tags: comcast, taking, cord, cutting, cast renews Internet Essentials mitment cast and other cable operars have connection programs for low-ine students. cast established its program in 2011, offering access for $9.95 a month. The original mitment was offer the program for three years. Earlier I have static public IPs. Periodically my modem loses connection & requests a new internal IP. Though the new IP is always the same one. Clearly my

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