IPv6 Adoption Critical for the Preservation and Growth of the Internet

The number of available Internet Protocol version 4 addresses is declining rapidly and will soon leave businesses and individuals worldwide who have not yet adopted the new

Quoted from IPv6 Adoption Critical for the Preservation and Growth of the Internet on internet – Yahoo! News Search Results

Why IPv6 adoption is more manageable than you might think 1. It’s adoption of IPv6, not a plete migration, transition, or flag day. IPv6 and IPv4 are going to coexist for years, possibly decades, to Adoption of IPv6 An Internet Society Public Policy Briefing The IPv6 protocol standard is critical for supporting the Internet’s continued development. Network operators, content providers, software and ware developers, and enterprises, among others, need to Future . future largely depends on number ISPs mobile carriers, along with large enterprises, cloud providers, data centers willing to migrate, how y will Tags: ipv4, ipv6, understanding, critical, IPv6 – Google Google collects statistics about in on an ongoing basis. We hope that publishing this inmation will help providers, website owners, policy makers as Our Visualization lets you review trends at a country or network level, based on content requests made to Akamai’s next generation Content Delivery Network (CDN).

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