China’s Communist party isn’t really afraid of the internet

Earlier this week, a Chinese propaganda official said China’s internet-based “new media” were threatening the Communist party. Using one of Mao Zedong’s most famous phrases, Ren Xianliang, vice-minister …

Quoted from China’s Communist party isn’t really afraid of the internet on internet – Yahoo! News Search Results

China’s top officials will gather in Beijing on 18 October for the 19th national congress of the munist Party of China, a twice-a-decade political meeting that is likely to see president Xi An important munist Party policy meeting in 2013, called the Third Plenum, called for a larger role for markets in China’s economy while retaining a strong role for the state; however Organizational status CPC. Founded in 1921, munist China (CPC) is now 91 years old. By end 2011, it had 82.602 million members. Tags: communist, party, china, peoples, Constitution of the munist Party General Program. munist China is vanguard Chinese working class, Chinese people, and Chinese nation. It is leadership for cause socialism with Chinese characteristics munist China governs country with a one- state form government; however, re are parties or than CPC within China, which report to United Front Department munist

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