China’s Communist party isn’t really afraid of the internet

Earlier this week, a Chinese propaganda official said China’s internet-based “new media” were threatening the Communist party. Using one of Mao Zedong’s most famous phrases, Ren Xianliang, vice-minister …

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China’s top officials will gather in Beijing on 18 October for the 19th national congress of the munist Party of China, a twice-a-decade political meeting that is likely to see president Xi China’s munist Party | South China Morning Post People's Daily, People's Daily Online, munist China, CPC, scientific outlook development, socialist countryside, opinion, columnist, data, Hu Jintao Tags: communist, party, china, peoples, Why China's munist Party is In his address to a training session for young leaders at Central School on September 3, Xi Jinping spe immense challenges facing country and Chinese munist . munist China should have "absolute leadership over" China's People's Liberation Army. Promoting one country, two systems system for Hong Kong and Macau with a future "plete national reunification"; and to

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