Internet sales tax, here we come?

A Senate vote on the first ever Internet sales tax, which is backed by Walmart, Target, and Best Buy, could come as soon as next week. Originally posted at News – Internet & Media

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For example, if you sell $50,000 worth of goods to a wholesaler in Ohio and $450,000 worth of goods to retail, you have reached the threshold and must collect and file sales tax on the How to Pay Internet Sales Tax. If you operate or shop at a "brick and mortar" store, sales tax is a given – the store collects it, the shopper pays it. However, the situation isn't eBay are set to collect Tax on sellers’ behalf as the policy expands to more US states. eBay announced yesterday in The eBay munity their mitment to support sellers affected Tags: ebay, collect, internet, sales, Sales tax online: Retailers begin NEW YORK – As 2019 approaches, many online retailers are either collecting or preparing to collect tax from out-of-state-customers for the first time. A majority of the states have enacted More than 30 states nationwide collect according to data from the National Conference of State Legislatures. Taking inventory. A bevy of bills aiming to establish a tax on certain purchases was

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