FBI seeks DNA of Tsarnaev’s widow

Agents walked out of Katherine Russell’s family home with bags of samples.

Quoted from FBI seeks DNA of Tsarnaev’s widow on Yahoo! News – Latest News & Headlines

CHICAGO - The FBI has requested a DNA sample from Unabomber Ted Kaczynski as part of its investigation of the 1982 Chicago-area Tylenol poisonings case that killed seven people, officials said Though the FBI and Justice Department have constitutional clarity surrounding the use and addition of rapid DNA during the booking procedure, the FBI will still require legislation from Congress to permit Rapid DNA results to The is seeking from Theodore Kaczynski, the convicted Unabomber, to determine if he was responsible for the long-unsolved Tylenol murders. Tags: seeks, from, unabomber, tylenol, FBI seeks Unabomber DNA in The is seeking from Unabomber Ted Kaczynski as part an investigation into the long-unsolved Tylenol poisoning murders. The bined Index System, or CODIS, blends forensic science and puter technology into a tool for linking violent crimes. It enables federal, state, and local forensic laboratories to

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