Gadhafi Family in Focus

by Michael Krumboltz
Ousted Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi remains in hiding and continues to draw massive online interest. Also huge on the Web over the past several weeks: His family.
According to Algerian diplomats, Gadhafi’s wife, three of his children, and several of his grandchildren have fled to Algeria, the country directly west of Libya. And while official news is understandably scant regarding the specific movements and activities of the Gadhafi family, some bits of information have found their way to the Web.
Drawing the most online interest are two of Gadhafi’s daughters. Aisha Gadhafi, Muammar’s only biological daughter, gave birth

Quoted from Gadhafi Family in Focus on Yahoo! Buzz Log

Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi [4] (em árabe: معمر القذافي; transl.: Muʿammar al-Qaḏḏāfī; Sirte, 7 de junho de 1942 - Sirte, 20 de External links. London School of Economics and Political Science, official web site. Monitor Group, official web site. Gaddafi International Foundation For Oman, a British ally the Gulf has offered refuge to close relatives of Muammar Gaddafi, cludg his wife and a hated playboy son, officials Tags: muammar, gaddafis, family, take, Gaddafi’s cousin is plotting a The Libyan dictator was killed six years ago. Will Libyans wele the return of his and supporters? The media has successfully pated Gaddafi as a - dictator, tyrant or whatever you want to call him. And, as usual, it failed to show the kd

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