Intelligence chief defends Internet spying program

WASHINGTON (AP) — Eager to quell a domestic furor over U.S. spying, the nation’s top intelligence official stressed Saturday that a previously undisclosed program for tapping into Internet usage is authorized by Congress, falls under strict supervision of a secret court and cannot intentionally target a U.S. citizen. He decried the revelation of that and another intelligence-gathering program as …

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US intelligence chief James Clapper defends spying policy The head of US intelligence has told lawmakers that discerning foreign leaders' intentions is a key goal of the nation's spying operations. For Maguire, the hearing was the first chance to defend his decision not to immediately turn over the plaint to Congress after it was filed with the intelligence munity inspector general on Finding Russia Meddled in Election Rejects Trump’s suggestions that the agencies’ conclusions could be faulty or false; report due out next week Tags: intelligence, chief, defends, finding, Defence Intelligence - Wikipedia How Defence carries out its work. Direction: The of Defence (CDI) receives direction from the of Defence Staff (CDS) and Permanent Under Secretary (PUS) on MOD's needs and draws national Die Defense Agency (DIA, deutsch Verteidigungsnachrichtendienst) ist ein militärischer Nachrichtendienst der Vereinigten Staaten, der als Dachorganisation der Nachrichtendienste der vier Teilstreitkräfte Army, Navy, Air Force und Marine Corps dient.

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