Internet Fascism and the Surveillance State

The actions of US companies that have cooperated in the NSA’s mass surveillance operations calls into question the “private” status of these companies. In many ways these companies have acted as an extension of the US government, providing information illegally, in exchange for privileges and intelligence.

Quoted from Internet Fascism and the Surveillance State on internet – Yahoo! News Search Results

“To own the internet” — Public-private partnerships in mass surveillance. The internet is, by its very nature, a decentralized arrangement, created by the interaction of many private and government servers operating on telemunications networks throughout Fascism sells. Since Yale professor Timothy Snyder’s slender pocket manifesto On Tyranny was published shortly after President Trump’s inauguration, titles like former State Secretary Madeline , I love you, but you’re bringing me down. So, it turns out rew ‘Weev’ Auernheimer, whose trial subsequent release on puter ‘crimes’ I have mentioned before….. is a fascist. Not a figurative fascist. Tags: weev, fascism, free, internet, Internet Fascism and the Surveillance What is purpose of telemunication ? What is purpose of telemunication ? Issuu pany logo. Close. Barack Obama, bill that would give him an kill switch. Why we must collectively refuse Emperor's latest, fascist power grab. For more research, look up Cyber

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