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Her private pictures seem to all around now, hope she got at least a financial profit..

her name is Vanessa Hudgens, not Hutchins or Hudgins or Hughes, Hodges or Hutchinson, Hodgson or Hudgeson or Huggins or Vennesa, Vannessa or Venessa etc 😉

Hudgens reprised her role as Gabriella for the third time in High School Musical 3: Senior Year. She also appeared on the soundtrack of the movie, performing songs such as “Can I Have This Dance” and “Walk Away”. She also presented an award in the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards along with the rest of the HSM cast. Hudgens and the cast of HSM 3 launched a European promotional tour to promote the movie. Vanessa made only $2 million for the film, reportedly due to the photo scandal that hurt her image.

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