U.S. orders officials out of Lahore, Pakistan

The State Department orders nonemergency personnel to leave the U.S. Consulate.

Quoted from U.S. orders officials out of Lahore, Pakistan on Yahoo! News – Latest News & Headlines

A federal judge is demanding District officials appear in court this week to explain a spate of unauthorized early releases of inmates also facing federal charges. Last week, U.S. officials said they had detected signs of Iranian preparations for potential attacks on U.S. forces and interests in the Middle East, but Washington has not spelled out that threat "Under this scenario, 120,000 would be the sum total troops already in the region, plus additional forces that would be deployed, mainly in the form air forces and naval power, according to the Tags: orders, emergency, personnel, iraq, U.S. Orders Chinese Firm to national-security have ordered a Chinese pany to sell gay-dating app Grindr, citing the risk that the personal data it collects could be exploited by Beijing to blackmail The Department Homeland Security violated two court in the days after President Donald Trump issued a temporary travel ban on citizens seven Muslim-majority countries, according

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