If BlackBerry goes private, a breakup looks inevitable

BlackBerry may wind up going private but that doesn’t mean that the company will stay intact as a comprehensive hardware and software provider. As The Globe and Mail notes, private-equity firms such as Fairfax Financial Holdings that specialize in helping take companies private rarely leave those companies in one piece and will often sell them off in pieces to recoup some of their investment. “Some Canadians are now pinning their hopes on Fairfax, the Toronto holding company that owns close to 10% of BlackBerry shares,” The Globe and Mail writes. “A financial consortium is more likely to sell BlackBerry’s most valuable assets

Quoted from If BlackBerry goes private, a breakup looks inevitable on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion has had a couple of rough years, prompting some experts to speculate whether the Canadian telemunications equipment pany is inching closer to its demise BlackBerry is out of the smartphone manufacturing business. CEO John Chen announced the new strategy as part of the Canadian pany's Fiscal Q2 2017 report. just wondering tht (rim) down, s in, stops existing, will bbm still be vilble for users Tags: blackberry, company, goes, down, does a sprint blackberry curve i hve curve nd bold from the sprint networks. i contrcts just ended nd we decided since we don't use 1500 Min's month nd tht's the lowest pln they offer enthusists like to cite RIM's Messenger s big reson to stick with the smrtphone pltform, but this perk my not be exclusive forever. ccording to Boy Genius Report's

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