Cuba’s Journey on the Internet: There’s a Long March Ahead

As far as the Internet goes, Cuba is the Western Hemisphere’s last frontier. Despite the island nation’s proximity to Florida — just 90 miles away — and the existence of a fully functioning fiber-optic cable linked up to Venezuela, only 25% of the population is online, according to last year’s government statistics, which are likely inflated. In June, Cuban citizens were for the first time …

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'Cuba And The Cameraman,' on Netflix and select theaters Nov. 24, chronicles an American journalist's five-decade connection with Cuba and former leader Fidel Castro. The sugar industry’s boom opened the doors of New York to Cuba’s 19th century Havana elites, Lisandro Pérez explained in his latest book. next video is strting stop. Loding Tags: cuban, journey, Cuba: A journey, Part 2 Sitting in shde of ly tree n orwise brren hillside edge of Trinidd, Cub’s loveliest city, n old womn selling n ssortment of trinkets smiled s we pssed. She told s fr s Internet goes, Cub is Western Hemisphere’s lst frtier. Despite islnd nti’s proximity to Florid &mdsh; just 90 miles wy &mdsh; nd existence of fully functiing fiber-optic cble

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