Egypt arrests Muslim Brotherhood leader

State media reports Mohamed Badie was hiding in an apartment in Nasr City.

Quoted from Egypt arrests Muslim Brotherhood leader on Yahoo! News – Latest News & Headlines

Arrest warrants have also been issued for other prominent leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, including its current General Guide, Mohamed Badie, on accusations that they were involved in the violent clashes between Mohamed Morsi’s supporters EGYPT ARRESTS OF MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD MEMBERS AND SUPPORTERS INTRODUCTION In the last two weeks, hundreds of members of the Muslim Brotherhood and supporters of 's military has moved against the ship of the , a day after deposing President Mohammed Morsi. Mr Morsi is in detention, as well as senior figures in the Islamist group of which he Tags: egypt, army, arrests, muslim, History of the Muslim Brotherhood In 1997 Supreme Guide Mustafa Mashhur told journalist Khalid Daoud that he thought 's Coptic Christians and Orthodox Jews should pay the long-abandoned jizya poll tax, levied on non-s in exchange for protection By Ahmed Aboulenein CAIRO (Reuters) - ian authorities said on Friday they had arrested members of two recently emerged militant groups

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