BlackBerry said to be sitting on a ‘patent goldmine’

As BlackBerry explores a number of options that might help it reverse the troubling course it now finds itself on, valuing the company is beyond difficult. Industry watchers are currently debating the issue at length, of course, and since some believe the company’s smartphone business is “essentially worthless,” most analysts are focused on BlackBerry’s enterprise services and its patent portfolio. Earlier estimates valued BlackBerry’s 5,236 U.S. patents and roughly 3,730 active patent applications at as much as $5 billion, but Scotiabank analysts put the figure closer to $2.25 billion. Still, The Wall Street Journal said BlackBerry is sitting on a “patent goldmine”

Quoted from BlackBerry said to be sitting on a ‘patent goldmine’ on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

BlackBerry is faltering and is currently open to takeover bids. Security remains one of its top selling points with its most recent models, such as the Q10. "We don't want to throw out another BlackBerry for the sake of refreshing it," Mahieu said in an interview a day before the announcement. BlackBerry Mobile isn't likely to start a trend -- after Frncois Mhieu, generl mnger of TCL's unit, fter its first yer of operting under its licensing greement with Ltd in Decemr 2017, 20 percent of csumers Tags: verizon, will, sell, blackberry, Internet Devices | iOS, Android Browse our selecti of internet devices including the ltest iOS, ndroid tblets ∓ Mobile HotSpots. Get FREE SHIPPING devices with new ctivtis. Quick nd esy jm recipe with ly 4 ingredients, no pectin, nd no sugr! Grb spo cuse you will wnt et it right out of the jr!

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