On Syria, Obama eyeing ‘shot across the bow’

The presidents discussed Syria, Russia and more during an interview.

Quoted from On Syria, Obama eyeing ‘shot across the bow’ on Yahoo! News – Latest News & Headlines

New York Times analyst Mark Landler attempts a defense of Barack Obama’s Syria legacy but only demonstrates how it is to defend Obama. The Obama Doctrine. The U.S. president talks through his est decisions about America’s role in the world. Respses by and Trump had some similarity, however. Trump in 2013 criticized for making his strategy against Syria known. "Why do we keep broadcasting when we are going to attack Syria. Tags: trump, obama, presidents, responded, President Obama and the ‘red President puzzled many when he said he didn't set a red line, world did. What did he say and when? Authorizati for Use of Military Force Against Government of Syria to Respd to Use of Chemical Weaps is a United States Senate Joint Resoluti that would have authorized President Barack to

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