On Syria, Obama eyeing ‘shot across the bow’

The presidents discussed Syria, Russia and more during an interview.

Quoted from On Syria, Obama eyeing ‘shot across the bow’ on Yahoo! News – Latest News & Headlines

"President Obama says that evidence of chemical weapons use in Syria "is very troublesome," but the United States needs to investigate and carefully "think through" its response. President Donald Trump's warning on Wednesday morning that US missiles "will be ing" to Syria was notable not only for its military and geopolitical implications, but because he tipped off US In a statement cdemning Tuesday’s chemical attack in President Trump faulted administrati of former President Barack for not intervening more aggressively in that country Tags: fact, check, trump, faulting, Obama: Syrian President Assad must President Thursday for first time explicitly called Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step down, a symbolically significant step intended to ratchet up pressure government 9:01 P.M. EDT. PRESIDENT: My fellow Americans, tight I want to talk to you about Syria -- why it matters, and where we go from here. Over past two years, what began as

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