Huawei has no interest in buying BlackBerry

There may be a savior company out there that will bail out BlackBerry but it apparently won’t be Huawei. In an interview with Reuters, Huawei board member Chen Lifang said that her company has no interest in buying BlackBerry or any other smartphone company because “we want to rely on ourselves.” A Huawei-BlackBerry merger was always unlikely because the United States and Canada would have serious concerns about letting a company with significant mobile security infrastructure get bought out by a firm that has alleged ties to the Chinese military. The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday that BlackBerry has been

Quoted from Huawei has no interest in buying BlackBerry on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

Huawei has emphatically denied US allegations of espionage in what is its most public and provocative rejection to date. The pany has largely been excluded from the US’s teles Huawei is one of the financially strong tech pany globally and apparently, the pany isn’t in need of any financial backing going by recent statements from the pany’s CEO. ware issues. An equally critical issue for , however, centers on its ware. Much been made of the pany’s ability to gn its own chips. Tags: matter, long, reprieve, huawei, Huawei has no plans to ’s Subpoena to the US government. Of course, the United States is t the only country that prevented from enterg its 5G market. Trump been tryg to get western allies to sign up to a ban as part of his trade war agast Cha but been fdg it to get supporters.

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