Liftoff! NASA moon probe launches

NASA says it’s “really hoping to do big science with a little spacecraft” in its newest mission.

Quoted from Liftoff! NASA moon probe launches on Yahoo! News – Latest News & Headlines

NASA's Cassini spacecraft spied details on the pockmarked surface of Saturn's moon Prometheus (86 kilometers, or 53 miles across) during a moderately close flyby on Dec. 6, 2015. Liftoff: the new race to the moon begins ‘Everyone is running in the general direction of the moon. I think there is a kind of moon fever,’ says former Nasa employee Keith Cowing. Saturn's Dione hangs in front of Saturn's rings in this view taken by 's Cassini spacecraft during the inbound leg of its last close flyby of the icy . Dione: Craters and Rings Storms Tags: liftoff, nasa, solar, system, Moon landing date: When did ’s landing in 1969 was hailed one of mankind’s greatest achievements in a time of widespread conflict. In 1969, America was embroiled in the Soviet Cold War and the Space Race but was Neil Armstrong’s celebrated “one small step” was far from the most dangerous maneuver in the effort to send three men to the and return them home a week later.

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