Report: NSA can access most smartphone data

BERLIN (AP) — The U.S. National Security Agency is able to crack protective measures on iPhones, BlackBerry and Android devices, giving it access to users’ data on all major smartphones, according to a report Sunday in German news weekly Der Spiegel.

Quoted from Report: NSA can access most smartphone data on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

The National Security Agency can access as much as 75% of all U.S. email and other Web traffic according to Wall Street Journal. The Wall Street Journal reports that the National Security Agency has the capability to intercept about 75 percent of domestic Internet traffic in the United States -- all without a warrant. The costs be for local governments to bear. The Allentown attack, in February last year, disrupted city services for weeks and cost about $1 million to remedy — plus another $420,000 a Tags: baltimore, beyond, stolen, tool, Report: NSA can access most 8 September 2013, by Frank Jordans In this picture taken Sept. 7, 2013, a woman protests with a selfmade surveillance camera on her head during Reports detail methodologies and products that the Information Assurance (IA) at the National Security Agency has tested to ensure ened security. These include event log monitoring, guidance, and mitigation information.

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