LG plans to release its first curved-screen smartphone in November

Here comes the next big smartphone fad: Curved, flexible displays. Reuters reports that LG Display has started mass producing flexible smartphone displays that LG will use in an upcoming phone that’s due to be released sometime in November. Reuters notes that “curved displays are in the early stages of development and allow bendable or foldable designs that could eventually allow mobile and wearable gadgets to take new forms that could radically change the high-end smartphone market,” although it’s not clear just how radical the first models released by LG and Samsung will be. LG Display says that its display will

Quoted from LG plans to release its first curved-screen smartphone in November on Gadgets News Headlines – Yahoo! News

Not only has LG been out of the tablet game for over two years, but the Snapdragon 821 chipset just seems too old to even be available at this point of time. In CES 2018, LG Electronics demonstrated its 65" rollable OLED TV prototype, showing how such a display can be used to create a TV that rolls into its base. Yesterday at the OLED Korea conference, Display detailed future for OLED TV busess - and besides the expected flexible, transparent, rollable and 8K panels, the pany also said it Tags: plans, release, oled, future, LG Plans To Launch Monachain Launch Monacha – Personal Blockcha Subscribe: http://bit.ly/CrypCoNewsYT Electrical device giant, , is planng launch own b is aimg out G G series with a new high-end . Josh Miller/CNET is aimg battle other vendors with a new high-end phone later this year.

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