Chilling new details emerge in Newtown massacre

Adam Lanza covered his bedroom windows with bag garbage bags.

Quoted from Chilling new details emerge in Newtown massacre on Yahoo! News – Latest News & Headlines

New audio tapes released Thursday, reveal chilling details about what the North Carolina native convicted of killing his pregnant wife and two young daughters told investigators behind bars. Accused killer kidnapper Jake Thomas Patterson told cops he was driving to work one morning when he saw Closs at a bus stop and decided to abduct her. Scientists have uncovered grisly, evidence of the largest known mass sacrifice of children the history of the World. Tags: study, largest, child, mass, Southwest Airlines: Hearing reveals chilling Harrowg from fatal April flight were released for first time as the NTSB began a hearg to the enge failure on Southwest Flight 1380. 5 from book on BTK serial killer. Kansas serial killer Dennis Rader had plans to kill an 11th victim, accordg to a book.

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