U.S. denies Obama knew of Merkel spying

The quandary over the tapping of the German chancellor’s phone deepened.

Quoted from U.S. denies Obama knew of Merkel spying on Yahoo! News – Latest News & Headlines

President Barack Obama has denied the U.S. have had any involvement in the ongoing pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong but requested the Chinese government listen to the people of Hong Kong. The U.S. denied that President Barack Obama told fellow Group of Seven leaders the strong dollar is a problem, saying that he made a different point about the need to promote growth including by The Court Appeals for the Fifth Circuit today denied the Administration’s request to begin implementing the president’s illegal amnesty plan after a federal judge halted the program in a Feb. 16 ruling. Tags: court, appeals, fifth, circuit, U.S. denies Obama knew of The imbroglio over the tapping Angela 's phone deepened Sunday, after a denial that President Barack was personally informed for years electronic surveillance against the WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Supreme Court on Monday declined to rehear a bid to revive President Barack 's plan to spare from deportation millions immigrants in the country illegally, a case in which

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